Sunday Scaries

Yesterday I couldn't get out of bed.  Whoever came up with the phrase "we create our own happiness" or whoever believes happiness is a choice has clearly never suffered from depression and can go fuck himself (or maybe herself.. but let's get real, the thought process is probably male influenced). I have never not been … Continue reading Sunday Scaries


Comfortably Numb

I'm going crazy and I don't care.  For the first time in a long time, I'm letting myself fall down the rabbit hole.  I'm not sure if I find it more scary or exhilarating.  The numbing feeling of starving my body.  Of being able to focus on work and only work because I don't have … Continue reading Comfortably Numb

A Love Letter to Myself

I woke up this morning hungover (again) and nervous to uncover how the rest of my night went down.  Guilt. Shame.  Embarrassment.  These weigh heavy on me today after experiencing yet another blackout while with my friend.  Why, after so many years, am I making the same fucking mistakes? Today's post is what I love … Continue reading A Love Letter to Myself

Yet another weekend of boredom. Too much time in my thoughts either leads to hyperactivity or no activity. Today, I am the latter. I did run this morning- a short, 3 mile fasted run. Still sore from last night's distracted yoga. Alcohol soothes my soul and I crave it the most at times like these. … Continue reading