You Bring Me up to Tear Me Down

Some days, I crave you.  The thought of your warm embrace, your lips on my lips, makes me feel, for just a short time, that I can be loved.  You tell me how much you care for me, how much you miss me.  I finally see you and you turn away.  We sit down and … Continue reading You Bring Me up to Tear Me Down


Yet another weekend of boredom. Too much time in my thoughts either leads to hyperactivity or no activity. Today, I am the latter. I did run this morning- a short, 3 mile fasted run. Still sore from last night's distracted yoga. Alcohol soothes my soul and I crave it the most at times like these. … Continue reading

"Guys like no drama, no expectations , no demands, no pressure". - My Aunt Maybe I would have believed this if I was in my early twenties. However, being almost thirty (cough cough, I'm getting old), I know better. Sure, some guys fit this category. But many guys are the exact opposite, and have greater … Continue reading