An Open Letter to Myself

Food is NOT the enemy.  You see yourself with higher fat mass than before. But you also see yourself as being stronger, with more sustained energy and having more muscles.  Food is fuel.  Healthy, whole foods will not make you FAT they will make you nourished.  You are not to abuse your body anymore.  You … Continue reading An Open Letter to Myself


You Bring Me up to Tear Me Down

Some days, I crave you.  The thought of your warm embrace, your lips on my lips, makes me feel, for just a short time, that I can be loved.  You tell me how much you care for me, how much you miss me.  I finally see you and you turn away.  We sit down and … Continue reading You Bring Me up to Tear Me Down

A Love Letter to Myself

I woke up this morning hungover (again) and nervous to uncover how the rest of my night went down.  Guilt. Shame.  Embarrassment.  These weigh heavy on me today after experiencing yet another blackout while with my friend.  Why, after so many years, am I making the same fucking mistakes? Today's post is what I love … Continue reading A Love Letter to Myself