Need Someone to Numb the Pain

The anxiety is crippling. It stops me in my tracks.  I want to scream and run away and at the same time, I can't move.  I can hardly breathe. I got labeled as the team bitch today, as my irritability overtakes me.  My patience is nonexistent.  The only thing I can think about is getting … Continue reading Need Someone to Numb the Pain


The Beachbody Dilemma

For years, young and middle aged females have been the prime target of fitness and weight loss marketing by big names such as "Beachbody", "Isagenix", and "Slim Fast".  As a 30 something year old, I am no exception and am perhaps more vulnerable due to my history of an eating disorder that consumed my life … Continue reading The Beachbody Dilemma

A Love Letter to Myself

I woke up this morning hungover (again) and nervous to uncover how the rest of my night went down.  Guilt. Shame.  Embarrassment.  These weigh heavy on me today after experiencing yet another blackout while with my friend.  Why, after so many years, am I making the same fucking mistakes? Today's post is what I love … Continue reading A Love Letter to Myself