T minus 1 Week

T minus 1 Week until vacation (first since November), time with close friends, and, of course, the Essex Half Marathon. I happened to look at the elevation profile a month ago and completely panicked. But I am just going to give it my all, go slow on hills and remember, it’s only a race and beer is waiting for me at the finish.

Training has been going OK. I have been playing with my diet a lot in terms of high quality carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This week I’m going to try to stay hydrated and get enough rest, especially considering I need to drive home on Friday night after a week of overtime.

Overtime: trying to save so much money. I’m proud of myself in that I did not buy one coffee last week and I brought all my lunches. I even am limiting my dinners out – I went out Thursday/Friday and tonight, I cooked in. Salmon that has been in my freezer with asparagus, quinoa and salad. So clean and healthy. And of course, a glass of red.

Ideally, I would like to do some other side gig but I would definitely have to make my own hours. The hospital life is wearing and gets old quickly. The long and the short story is: student loans are really making it difficult for me to save- I’m sure this is not news to anyone in my generation. That said, I refuse to sit around and pretend I am helpless to prevent myself from falling into further debt.

Relationships: Nonexistent (with the exception of one person, who I care deeply about, but who I can never have). I suppose one could argue I’m using this time to “find myself” or what have you. A part of me thinks I should bite the bullet and get a dog already. I did have one particular interest, but the feeling was not mutual. Sometimes I worry I will never find someone, and I will live alone (with my soon to be dog) forever


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