Runner Woes

Today I have finally accepted that it is OK to listen to my body and back off on my running plan.

Recap: I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in October, my second ever full marathon.  Shortly thereafter, I signed up for the Coastal Running Festival in Delaware, determined to run my third marathon.  I am also a part of the 50 States Half Marathon Club and so I wanted to run a race in my seventh state.


Anyways, this entire month of January I have been fighting off a stubborn cold.  My marathon training was to start the first week of January, but unfortunately I was couch bound with aches, chills and an upper respiratory infection.  Every time I gained a little headway, I would go for a run, only to suffer later.  I haven’t run more than 6 miles in weeks.

Now it is February first.  I have officially dropped down to the half marathon, accepting that if I can’t get my health in line this month then I will have to defer the race.  It would be hugely disappointing, of course, but it is also a relief to accept that it’s OK.  A huge weight off of my shoulders, in fact.

So, I will take this opportunity to rebuild my mental, physical and emotional health.  I’m hoping to gain some strength for these next two months and not focus so much on mileage.




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