It is Health that is Real Wealth and Not Pieces of Gold and Silver



These past few months I have gone through what I like to call the, “hippie revolution”.  Think of that as you may, to me it just means listening to my body and treating it better.  My biggest project so far has been natural skin care, though I’m also dabbling in healthier recipes to nourish myself.

The biggest thing I have done is switch to natural skin care.  I have struggled with acne for years.  About 8 years ago I went so far as to start hormonal birth control (Yaz) because my acne was so horribly embarrassing that I couldn’t bear to be seen.  I distinctly remember a maintenance man tell me that I should stop eating so many potato chips because my face was so spotty.  Not only was this incredibly rude, but I’m pretty sure I weighed less than 100 lbs at the time.

Anyways, once switching to Yaz, my skin did clear up with the help of Neutrogena and benzoyl peroxide treatments.  I still spent a ridiculous amount of dollars on skin care.  Well ladies, that has finally come to an end.  Thanks to Paleo for Women and Coconuts and Kettlebells I have discovered the oil cleansing method and I’m in love.  Not only does it save me hundreds of dollars but it significantly improved my skin tone and texture in just one week.  Don’t get my wrong, my skin is still imperfect (yay hormones) but I have been tweaking my routine to improve my face and I have vowed to keep my hands off of my face, as much as I like to pick. I highly encourage you to try it out!

My Natural Skin Care products-Organic, virgin coconut oil, Shea butter hand cream, and apple cider vinegar toner.  Not pictured: Facial Serum with lavender oil. 

Strangely, I find taking my skin care on a more natural route empowering.  It has opened doors in the natural world for me, hence my hippie revolution.  Suddenly, I just want to do what is right for my body.  Eat well, sleep well and drink less.  I have been effectively accomplishing this, for the most part.  Maybe I’m actually starting to be an adult?  Maybe it’s the prozac.

As far as diet goes, I have been experimenting with ways to help my skin, but also my body and, largely upset stomach.  I have given up artificial sweeteners and “fake food” like Quest Bars.  I have stopped eating dairy (which really helped my skin) and try to adhere to mostly gluten free in the setting of a constantly upset stomach prior to this change.  The differences have been remarkable.  I feel better about myself and my stomach has been much less bloated and uncomfortable (which has greatly helped both my work concentration and my runs).  Suddenly, I want to take on the world.

This post is mostly just me rambling, I suppose.  But I felt good and wanted to share it with whoever was out there.



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