My Happiness Project

Lately, I have noticed I haven’t been very happy.  And by lately, I mean for the past 8 years.  Until recently, I hadn’t been motivated to do much about it because there always seemed to be a reason: grad school, my father being sick, my father dying, being at home, my mother driving me nuts… I could go on.  But today I realized it’s time to throw away the excuses.  I deserve to be happy.  The only person that is responsible for my happiness is myself.

In speaking about this with my best friend this morning, we both agreed to talk about and work on our happiness, starting with the following steps.

  1.  Eliminate the things in my life that are no longer serving me.  This includes men, friends and problems at work
  2. Surround myself with people who make me feel good, and vice versa
  3. Live healthy : eat whole foods, exercise and limit alcohol
  4. Practice mindfulness: yoga.  Me time.
  5. Take every opportunity to learn: piano, spanish, new things at work
  6. Pet therapy is real: I want a dog


Yesterday I came so close to step 6.  I was at the animal shelter and signing the paperwork for a beautiful 8 year old dog.  Unfortunately, however, the shelter informed me last minute about all of the dog’s medical problems.  The dog deserves a family who can afford to help pay for his medical needs.  I felt awful not accepting the dog.  I know I’ll find the right dog when the time is right.

So those are my goals right now.  It’s a lot to work on but I feel as though I can get there.  Stay tuned for more when I’m less hungover.


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