My morning run

I am so grateful I have today off from work.  I still woke up by 6, but knowing I don’t have to go anywhere I don’t want to go is a glorious thing.  Instead, I got to go on a beautiful and challenging run.

So to backtrack a little, I love to run.  Really, my running journey started after I graduated from graduate school, about a year ago.  Before that I was soley a treadmill runner with some dabbling outside in between.  Like the gym, running felt like a chore- something I had to just grit my teeth and get through.  Who would have thought it would be something I actually enjoyed.  After four years of graduate school had come to an end, however, I found I suddenly had some free time!  And I knew I wanted to do something outside that I could afford.  I considered biking, but I didn’t have the $1K for a brand new bike.  I did, however, have $70 for running sneakers.

So I started running.  I moved to Baltimore, MD approximately one year ago, and I got to enjoy the waterfront, long and flat runs.  In an effort to challenge myself AND meet people, I thought it best to sign up for an upcoming race.  My work had a running team involved in the Baltimore Running Festival, and there you have my first race.  On October 18th, 2014, I completed my first half marathon.  What a rush!IMG_1841

Plus I got to run it with one of my new friend, Sri (see above).  I completed in a little over two hours and I knew I was hooked!  That’s when I started signing up left and right for races, including the Cupid’s Crush 10 K (during an icy, cold March day with a 22 degree race temperature):


The Sole of the City 10K (during a humid, 80 degree day, first hot day of the year), and, most recently, The Twin Lights Half Marathon in Gloucester, MA.

Me at the Twin Lights Half Marathon!
Me at the Twin Lights Half Marathon!

My ultimate goals are to run a half in every state AND to run a full marathon.

After my last race, I was sidelined for a little while due to a knee injury, self diagnosed as IT band overuse.  However, these past two weeks I have slowly been getting back into my grove.  Today, I did my first hill run in a while and, though it was tough, I got to finish it up with a beautiful view.  I was reminded all over again why I love to run- not only is it great for your body, but it’s good for your soul.  7 miles of hills later, and I can’t wait for my next run!

My morning run
My morning run

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